"Shop locally. Shop authentic. Shop with Parri Jamaica"
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Parri Jamaica offers our visitors and the locals a convenient way to shop online for authentic Jamaican made products. We aim to give the traveler more time to “See, live and do it, like a local yardie”. There is a need for Jamaica made products to be placed in hands of the daily traveler looking to buy a little piece of Jamaica. Whether immersed in the stay, food, sport, entertainment or even shopping, people want to indulge within the country they visit. We want to show our customers the creativity that Jamaica has to offer, but also, educate them on the four pillars to the Jamaican tourism industry (gastronomy, knowledge, sports, and entertainment) while being able to buy a piece of Jamaica through our local artisans and grassroots community.




 Let us be your Parri to Jamaica; your friend. We want to provide you with a service that allows you to shop for authentic made Jamaican products at your own convenience. Enjoy your vacation without the worry of shopping. We provide our customers a range product that are found locally, made locally, all with the love of Jamaica.


Shop locally. Shop authentic. Shop with Parri Jamaica.


 Mr. Parri Jamaica

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